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The latest addition to our range

Introducing you to our latest machine, the Platinum Espresso Surface


We have been looking to expand our bean to cup range for a while now and we are delighted to be able to bring you the brand new So Pure Platinum Espresso machine. Designed for high usage, this model will provide consistent results and open up your offerings to staff and customers, with up to 28 programmable drink options.

A high quality swiss brew system, digital TFT screen, two drink size options, fully automatic cleaning programme and flexible drink selections are just some of the features of this robust, smart coffee machine. Great tasting coffee is produced time and time again with consistency due to the high quality components used to make this fantastic machine.

Perfect for hotels, offices, sports clubs, salons and more..

The platinum espresso surface is versatile. Suiting a wide range of environments due to its high capacity and quality means it is a model perfect for just about anywhere. The compact footprint means there is no issue where space is at a premium!

Available now for purchase or lease rental


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