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A coffee with sustainability at its core

Our Dolchenza Rainforest Alliance Arabica filter | Origins: Alta Mogiana, Brazil

Fruity, low acidity & chocolate to finish

These are just some of the flavours you'll experience from this brilliant coffee. You can expect a smooth, velvet finish on the palate that makes this a real easy crowd pleasing coffee. But there are reasons as to why this coffee produces such great flavours...

A region of specialty coffee growing- Alta Mogiana, Brazil

Harvested in one of the most important specialty coffee growing regions in the world, our Dolchenza RFA filter blend consists of high quality and perfect conditions. A region with a rich and illustrious coffee history, this area in the Sao Paolo state is known to produce some of the finest coffee cherries worldwide.

Most farms in this region are considered on a smaller scale, meaning there is a personal level of care in every harvest. The brilliant infrastructure, high altitude, perfect climate and fertile soil all help to create a great tasting coffee. Humid and warm days followed by cooler nights help to bring out the flavour complexity of the coffee cherries in this area of Brazil. Coffee plantations in the region flourish due to the distinct wet and dry seasons.

Grown with sustainability at its core

An international symbol of sustainability. The Rainforest Alliance logo on our bags are there as this coffee reaches certification due to its production methods. This coffee is harvested in an area where the three pillars of sustainability (social, economic and environmental) are widely considered. Supporting this scheme ensures that the climate, forests, livelihoods and human rights are all assessed in a more specific way compared to standard farming. The RFA organisation look deeply into the livelihood and environmental aspect specifically for coffee farming, ensuring that working conditions for farmers and looking after the environment around the plantations are two of their main objectives.

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