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Italian in style, worldwide in taste.

Dolchenza coffee epitomises everything that is perfect about Italian style coffee. Deep in flavour, roasted with love and smooth in texture- our range has it all.
Established in 2013, Dolchenza has become our pride and joy, a brand which we live and breathe. Consisting of Arabica and Robusta carefully selected from South America, Central America, India and Africa, the Dolchenza blends are roasted with perfection using the worlds finest coffee beans to allow for the perfect Italian style roast.

Our ways of working are based around family, a key aspect of the Italian way. The detail and care put into the Dolchenza brand is evident in every cup sipped.

We source some of the finest coffees from South & Central America, Africa & Indonesia to ensure every cup reflects our true passion for Italian style roasts. It is essential for us to identify Arabicas and Robustas which hold deep flavour and full texture, meaning consistency for every Flat white, Cappuccino or Americano. 

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Why choose Italian style coffee?

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  • Coffee is roasted for longer and at a higher temperature, to create a bolder dark flavour

  • This helps to create fuller texture and great crema on drinks

  • Beans are traditionally roasted past the point of the “second crack” which tends to draw the coffee oils to the surface more prominently than other roast types

  • There’s a real science to a great Italian roast. You don’t want a burning or ash taste from your roast, which is why we love our Dolchenza blends- every batch is roasted to pure flavour perfection

  • Generally too the style is great as an all round crowd pleasing blend, making great espressos but also cutting through milky drinks superbly

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