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A machine aptly named- The Fracino Little Gem

Ideal for: Offices, bars, restaurants, shops, salons & sports clubs

A machine ideal for traditional barista style coffee in an environment where space and plumbed water is an issue. Enjoy all of the perks of a coffee shop level machine without the hassle of plumbing and large equipment!

Versatile and sleek

One of the main reasons for introducing this machine to our range is very much because of the above. A versatile model that can produce high quality coffee in a number of establishments, the Little Gem is ideal for any office, bar, restaurant, shop or sports club. The stylish and sleek design will catch the eye of any customer looking for a great coffee..

Keep the costs down

Another benefit of taking on the Little Gem is that is more cost effective for your business compared to some other models. Although a compromise is made with only having the 1 group, you still benefit from high quality elements and features without the need to purchase big filters that require changing annually.

As well as this there is also a smaller outlay in comparison to the larger models out there in the market.

Made in the UK

Quick dispatch, manufactured in Birmingham and fantastic support- Fracino really do know how to conquer the coffee industry.

Get in touch with our team

Interested in hearing more about this model? Get in touch today on 01284 754898 or


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