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A hidden European coffee gem

Why Albania should be top on your travel list, purely for the coffee alone!

I know what you're thinking. Why Albania?

Let's face it, it's not a country that people generally think of when looking to escape for a few days. However, after reading about our own Anglia Coffee experience in this beautiful country located in South Western Europe, we think you may change your mind. If it isn't the white sandy beaches, amazing weather, friendly people or breath-taking mountain scenery that will entice you...then the coffee alone will!

Like most people we were unaware of much about Albania. Once I saw a video on what the country had to offer I was hooked, but I couldn't avoid one aspect with every article I came across. That aspect was coffee. They are serious about their coffee-really serious. Coffee is an art to them and it is accessible everywhere to the highest standard I have ever seen. The Anglia Coffee team really learnt a lot about their coffee culture and it opened our eyes to see just how important it is to their people. But why do they care so much about their coffee?

One reason is the location. A short trip to the west will land you in Italy, a destination that is much more known for it's coffee heritage. Due to this there is very much the attitude that coffee is a way of life in Albania, as is similar with their European neighbours. They have Italian style espresso as the main way of consuming coffee. Generally they prefer small coffees with minimal milk, hence why you won't see anyone walking round with a large oversized latte. Another reason is the country's diverse history, with the Ottoman Empire introducing 'Turkish coffee' (Kahve) in the 16th Century. This style of coffee is still popular in certain areas of Albania and it is made by brewing boiling water, sugar and finely ground coffee in an ibrik or cevze (copper pot). The coffee is then removed from the heat once the perfect amount of froth is achieved.

We found Albania to be a fantastically diverse and friendly country. I have never seen so many people socialising and relaxing in coffee shops throughout the day. In fact the capital Tirana has the second highest amount of coffee shops per capita in the world. There is no rushing around with a takeaway Cappuccino, they take their time and enjoy the process of the coffee being made.

It was actually eye opening to see just how similar we were in many ways too. Our Dolchenza blend epitomises an Italian Espresso style, which is the more popular way nowadays of consuming coffee in Albania. Deep, rich and luxurious flavours were apparent in every cup, just like our Rich Roast beans. They take care with coffee, just like our team. We were always served with a friendly face, which we also strive to do with all of our customers.

So that is our short take on Albania in the four day period we had their researching their coffee culture, as well as enjoying the vibe. It is no exaggeration to say it should be a must visit, with more money being spent on tourism and it being one of the most scenic places you can find in Europe, not to mention the incredible value for money. Like we said at the start, it's truly worth it for the coffee alone.

Why not try our Dolchenza blends today to get a taste of just important coffee is to us!


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