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Another horse box project finished!

We have loved working on projects with several customers the last few months where old horse boxes have been converted into mobile coffee bars!

And last Friday was another brilliant conversion. After spending months renovating and then adding final touches with the coffee side of things...Charlotte and the team at ENA coffee can now see their work has been worthwhile as they have managed to create a fantastic little espresso bar.

But this isn't just any espresso bar. With events on the horizon, ENA means more than just a hatch to serve coffees from. The name carries a wider message for Charlotte and the team, as 'ENA' symbolises the first letter of each of their children's names.

As well as this, it is an abbreviation for 'Every now and then' which is what the business will be functioning as initially, due to Charlotte and Lloyd working night shift jobs.

As well as the amazing interior and finer details, one aspect they knew was essential to get right was the coffee. After getting in touch a few months back we were able to assist with a traditional Onyx expobar machine from our own stock that was in fantastic condition.

Having already sampled our Dark Velvet beans it was all systems go and on Friday we installed the machine, gave training and of course everyone's favourite part- tasted some great Dolchenza coffee.

Stay tuned for events and dates for the diary where you can check out ENA's business journey and also enjoy some of their fantastic hot drinks and cake selections!


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