We here at Anglia Coffee are on a mission. A mission to provide a sustainable future. We understand that although we cannot singlehandedly change the world, we can do our bit to make a difference.

We recently announced on our social media the exciting news that we had been selected by Wild Wood, an eco-friendly sunglasses company, to be a partner with them to help ensure a greener future for both of our industries.

The announcement of our partnership has created a sense of excitement for both us and them, with a strong focus on looking after the environment as the sole objective!

There will be several initiatives taken place by both parties including ways in which our customers will also be part of the journey. We will be helping with reforestation in areas our coffee originates from, raising awareness of endangered species and cutting down on plastic consumption all to build a lasting planet for us to enjoy!

Stay posted for more news soon..Stay wild and enjoy your coffee!

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