Anglia Coffee Solutions’ new and very own Dolchenza beans are proving quite a stir at the moment.  Boxes of the beans have been flying off the shelves as our customers and their customers continue to enjoy the new flavour. The rich roast beans are described as ‘Deep rich and chocolately. Punchy but with a rose water finish. Earthy notes throughout with an underlying spicy cocoa feel. Excellent body that cuts through milky drinks well’.  One such customer whose customers are really enjoying their drinks are the Coffee House in Sudbury, Suffolk, where a wide range of nationalities have commented on the drinks. Co owner Alastair said “We have always attracted a lot of customers from around the world and more and more of them have been commenting on our coffee. In particular a couple of people from Italy described it as the best coffee they have tried and wrote ‘Bellisimo’ on a piece of paper (meaning beautiful in Italian). We are pleased to be working with Anglia Coffee Solutions and in particular their Dolchenza Rich Roast beans”.

If you are interested in trying our Dolchenza beans, please call us on 01284-754898 or

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