Our very own Dolchenza coffee was introduced to customers back in 2013 when we started this very journey and it has been a popular hit ever since. Receiving positive feedback from Italians themselves, it has proved popular for coffee drinkers up and down the country at various coffee shops, health spas and gyms.

Year on year more bags of beans have flown out the door with an ever-growing customer base that loves the Italian feel right on their own doorstep. The Italians know coffee as well as anything, so there really is no better style to go for when it comes to the wonderful product that is one of the most popular beverages worldwide.

The perfect wholesale compliments for your coffee can be found below:

Dolchenza and Wholesale Brochure 2018-19


With several varieties including Rich Roast, Smooth Roast and Traditional filter there is a coffee perfect for everyone.

There are several places in the local area at which you can enjoy Dolchenza including:

  • No.10 Wine Bar (Lavenham, Suffolk)
  • Cafe Nini (Lavenham, Suffolk)
  • Heritage Beauty and Wellbeing Centre (Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk)
  • The Whistlestop Cafe (Woodbridge, Suffolk)
  • The Bean House (Kesgrave, Suffolk)